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Each month, we delve into a specific topic, and this is broken up into weekly ‘chunks’ of material. All of the information created for these modules is broken down by monthly topics and weekly discussion points and resources.


May Checklist:

  • Check your email for participant guides
  • Clear your calendar for Google + Hangouts via webcam
  • Participate in online discussions



And here’s an preview of what we have planned for the next few months:

June:  Working with the Medical Profession

July:  Level One/Shoden Overview

August:  Meditation & Five Principles

September:  Working with Stones & Herbs

October:  Chakras, Auras, Hara and Meridians

November:  Treatments

December:  Level Two/Okuden Overview


So, check your mail for weekly updates!


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  • Every student learns at their own pace. Each week you will receive our e-guide which includes links to videos, podcasts, worksheets and participant guides.

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