Unexpected Hiatus

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Yup.  Over the summer, Reiki Cornerstones went offline unexpectedly.  We now have the technology and apps to support our mission to provide you with a virtual classroom in all things Reiki.

We will begin September with the Eastern vs Western module.  Stay tuned!

How Does Reiki Work?

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This is the second most frequently asked question that Reiki practitioners are asked. Most practitioners fall into two different sides of the issue: Medicinal Reiki and Spiritual Reiki.

In Medicinal Reiki, practitioners treat Reiki as a form of complementary medicine and similar to acupuncture. Disruption or imbalance in an individual’s energy flow cause physical illness.

For Spiritual Reiki practitioners, illness manifests as a form of ‘dis-ease’ in an individual’s aura/biofield long before physical symptoms appear. Rebalance an individual’s energies, resolve the issue.

Here’s this week’s module:

How does Reiki Work pre-discussion guide


How Does Reiki Work Post-Discussion Worksheet

Our next Google+ Hangout is scheduled for May 27th, 3 pm Central. See you there!

/Please stand by. We are experiencing technical difficulties./

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Yup. The History of Reiki podcast has been complete for some time, but we are having difficulties convincing the server to ‘spit it out’ in a format that folks can access.

Which put RC about a week and half behind schedule. Which led to the question: Are we over-thinking things? Should we scale back on the use of technology and go back to more formal face-to-face teaching?

And, in the end, the answer is no. Yes, introducing new technology into a rapidly changing global environment can and will cause the occasional hiccup. A bit of hair pulling when the audio recording device fails to capture any of a half-hour podcast? A strange sense of ‘Powerpoint is not playing nice because the instructions for converting a slide deck to video are clearly…ohhh, I get it now!’ And even that strange feeling we all got when, without warning, Google+ changed not only its layout but the instructions on how to ‘name’ a hangout are from Version 1.0.

I am currently working on combining ‘How does Reiki work’ and ‘What’s an attunement’ into a single module. This will go out on Tuesday, as scheduled.

I want to thank everyone for their patience. Yes, it DOES get easier from here!

What is Reiki Presentation Uploaded

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Every day is a learning experience and today is no exception.  I have uploaded the What is Reiki presentation to the Reiki Cornerstones YouTube Channel so that everyone has access to the deck that was shared at the last G+ Hangout.



Here are the pre- and post-discussion worksheets as well as the participant guide.  The worksheets are optional and is not meant to be shared unless participants are comfortable discussing it.

What is Reiki Worksheet

What is Reiki Participant Guide

What is Reiki Post- Discussion Worksheet

Our next G+ Hangout is scheduled for April 13th at 3 pm CT.  The topic:  The Histories of Reiki.


See you then!

Q: So, What is Reiki?

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A:  It depends on the individual practitioner.  Just as as every person is unique, every practitioner experiences Reiki just a bit differently.


This week’s Google + Huddle will be Satuday, April 7th at 11 am CT.  I have included a pre-discussion worksheet…completely optional.

What is Reiki Worksheet

See you there!


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Here’s the March Calendar:  March 2012 RC Calendar

Participant guides will be sent on March 28th.  Our inaugural Google + Huddle will be held March 31st, at 3 pm CT.

Mayo Clinic and Integrative Medicine

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Mayo Clinic’s Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program is hosting an event at Mall of America this weekend.  The focus is on alternative medicine, including Reiki.

According to the article in PostBulletin.com, Mayo focuses on evidence-based treatment. Future plans include adding Reiki to their services.

I found this article very interesting and believe that we are seeing a shift within the medical community to include complementary medicine, like Reiki, acupuncture and massage therapy in medical treatment.

Website Update

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We are in final ‘tweaking’ stages of having the website up and ready to go for March 25.  I am very excited about Reiki Cornerstones and it’s educational mission.

We have a few speakers lined up for the coming weeks and the April’s topic is:  What is Reiki?

Welcome to Reiki Cornerstones!

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My path to Reiki began when I met my Teacher, Peggy. Although we didn’t work in the same department, I found her to be a very fascinating woman. There was something different about her, something vibrant in the way that she talked to people. She knew people, read into them like a book, in a way that I did not understand.

And, at one memorable meeting, she advised everyone at our meeting that she was a Reiki Master-Teacher.

I did my research. Read everything I could find. Books I didn’t really understand. YouTube videos that didn’t answer my questions [a few that were downright scary!]  Puzzling over contradictory information that seemed to be a bit too ‘New Age-y’ for Peggy that I knew.  Wondering how it all fit together.  And all the while quietly studying Peggy every time our paths crossed.

It took more than five years for me to work up the courage to ask her about Reiki and how I could become a Reiki practitioner. That’s when I learned that attunements are only the start of your Reiki journey.

Peggy showed me that the path was within me, and that truly the teacher would appear when the student was ready to dive into the deep end [of her own psyche].

So, join me as we explore all of the interesting facets that make Reiki…well, Reiki.

Reiki Cornerstones is comprised of:

  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Weekly Hangouts via Google+
  • Checklists and Worksheets

  • Every student learns at their own pace. Each week you will receive our e-guide which includes links to videos, podcasts, worksheets and participant guides.

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